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Success for your business begins at home, with folks who know the housebarns of Neubergthal. The world’s largest Van Gogh. The bag sales of the MCC. The culture of the Pembina Valley. 

Success for your business begins at home, with folks who know branding, design, and strategy.
From Carman to Gretna. Rosetown to Riverside. Success for your business begins with Golden West and Homefield in Altona. 

Located near the Canadian/American border, Altona was settled in 1880 by Mennonites from Ukraine. Today Altona is home to a diverse and thriving population, and its legendarily fertile soil is home to flourishing organizations, corporations, and fields upon fields of sunflowers and canola.

This is where it all began for our company. 

In 1957, CFAM Radio 950 was born with just a microphone and a broadcast license. Of course, the world has changed a LOT since 1957. We’ve changed too – connecting communities in new, innovative ways. 

PembinaValleyOnline.com reflects the region’s deep roots right back to our audience, with up-to-date information, along with easy digital connections to local radio stations, all the time.

Of course, CFAM Radio 950 still brings local news, local weather, and local sports information to our listeners. But from our office located at 125 Centre Avenue East in Altona, Manitoba we also provide Homefield Marketing and Homefield People + Strategy solutions. Giving Pembina Valley residents local, in-person access to strategists who know how to get your message out there, and get your people rowing in the same direction. 

Whether we’re sitting next to you at bonspiels or baseball games, chatting with you on or over the radio, or meeting with you to see how we can help you propel your business forward – we ARE Golden West and Homefield, and we love meeting you in and around the community! 

Get in touch.