Marketing Coordinator

Highly organized, Marketing Coordinators execute our clients’ marketing strategies to perfection.

The Role:

Activating marketing tactics. When a client purchases a digital campaign, Google Ads, or a social media plan, MCs make sure it happens.

Onboarding and support – When a client chooses a “Do it Yourself” marketing tool, MCs show them the ropes and are available for ongoing questions.

Project management – Website builds have a lot of moving pieces. MCs expedite the process by ensuring clients, writers, designers, and developers have the information they need to move forward.


Project Management is in your DNA. You can break a job down into manageable pieces and ensure they are completed according to (or ahead of?) schedule.

You excel at managing details but want a creative outlet.

You like people and communicate effectively – talking to clients and teammates will be a welcome part of your day.

Some combination of specific marketing training and marketing experience.

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*Homefield is an equal opportunity employer and our goal is to find and develop the world’s strongest media professionals. We celebrate our people, our communities and constantly look for new ways to connect our audience to the content that matters.

All resumes are accepted, not all inquiries will receive a follow-up interview at this time.

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