Recruitment and Selection

Hiring and onboarding a new hire takes time and resources. Making the wrong hiring decision can cost you time and money.

In this workshop you will navigate through the Recruitment Life Cycle from creating the job advertisement to the successful onboarding of your new hire to ensure long-term retention.

Participants will get to practice behavioral and situation-based interview questioning.

Who's this for?

This is an introductory workshop for business owners, supervisors, and managers who would like to learn more about the recruitment process.

Session Methods


  • In-person (3 hours) or virtual (2x 1.5 hours) sessions
  • Workbook Post-session
  • interview practice (1 hour)
  • Related Resources

Session Topics

  • Attracting Talent
  • Recruitment Life Cycle
  • Assessment Based Hiring
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing
  • Creating Job Advertisement

Learning Objectives

After this workshop participants should be able to:
  • Know how to attract talent through values-based job positing and an Employee Value Preposition
  • Utilize recruitment tips and tools to implement during your next hiring process
  • Implement new strategies to increase employee retention
  • Navigate through the Recruitment Life Cycle
  • Conduct behavioral and situational interview questions

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