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Get 100% reimbursement on professional development training for your employees.

As part of Manitoba’s economic recovery, the Province of Manitoba, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, and Economic Development Winnipeg have launched Retrain Manitoba – a $12.5 million business grant program. You could be reimbursed up to $2,500 per employee for any retraining and upskilling required to keep up with your evolving business.

Here’s how you can use Retrain Manitoba funds with Homefield People & Strategy.

All of our training solutions are eligible for Retrain Manitoba program reimbursement. If you or your team have received a training solution from Homefield People & Strategy from April 2021 or want to provide any training before August 2022, you can apply for a 100% reimbursement of training costs. The Retrain Manitoba grant is available on a first-come, first-served basis and once the funds have been distributed, the program will close.

Take a look at our training solutions and seize the opportunity to receive 100% reimbursement to upskill your team.

Public Workshop - Team Development: The Five Behaviors

Beginning January 12, 2022 and delivered in three 90-minute virtual sessions, participants will gain skills necessary to “team” effectively.

Engage in constructive conflict around ideas.

Commit to decisions and hold one another accountable​.

Focus on achieving collective results.

Improve teamwork by understanding insights about themselves​.

Workshop cost: $425 + GST per person (includes an assessment valued at $125 per person)

Public Workshop - Leadership Development: Leaders at all levels

Beginning January 19, 2022 and delivered in three 90-minute virtual sessions, leaders at all levels will learn to leverage their strengths and develop skills to lead.

Learn effective leadership practices.

Increase influence and lead with confidence.

Understand the elements of effective decision-making.

Learn how to convert challenges into opportunities with agility and resilience.

Training cost: $895 + GST per person

Public Workshop - Leading Through Change

Beginning April 2022 and delivered in three 90-minute virtual sessions, leaders will develop the skills to to champion change successfully through understanding, communication, and consistency.

Increase buy-in and resilience by uncovering and addressing your team’s concerns.

Learn how to recognize and appropriately engage phases of change.

Get results faster by leading organizational change initiatives more effectively.

Workshop cost: $250+ GST per person

Training for Leaders

Leadership requires intentional effort in building your ability to influence and engage with employees to meet business goals.


In this Leadership Training you will learn:

To be a better communicator.

How to set strategic goals to accomplish business success.

Learn how to direct and delegate while creating a motivating environment.

Build more effective working relationships.

Training cost: $2,500 +GST per person

Training for Teams

Your team will develop the skills needed to build trust, create a more collaborative culture, maximize performance, and increase productivity.

Learn effective communication skills.

Engage in constructive conflict around ideas.

Understand practical tips to identify time-wasters.

Commit to decisions and hold one another accountable.

Training cost: $2,500 +GST per person

Sales Training

Your sales team will discover the foundation of excellent service, understand the importance of elevated product knowledge, and be empowered to achieve greater results.

Foster a proactive culture that strengthens customer relationships.

Recognize and adapt to each customer’s priorities and buying style.

Learn the consultative approach to customer interaction.

Deliver an on-brand customer experience.

Training cost: $2,500 +GST per person

Looking for a custom-made training solution?

Get in touch with us to build a customized training for your or your organization and get 100% reimbursement with Retrain Manitoba.
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