Clarity is the key to a healthy, productive organization.

Big organizational changes can be stressful and overwhelming for everyone involved, and a lack of clarity can heighten those natural feelings of uncertainty. Teams feel less engaged, and overall productivity can take a real hit. To accomplish their collective goals, team members need to understand why their organization exists, and the unique change they’re seeking to make each day.

The Need.

Our client, an event-based company in the non-profit sector, was in the midst of transitioning from a larger organization, emerging as a separate entity. Recognizing a need for their own organizational identity, they reached out to Homefield People & Strategy.

The Solution.

We applied our Organizational Clarity solution, asking questions such as, “Why does this organization exist? How do we behave? What sets us apart?” Through a variety of collaborative activities, we helped our client determine the key values and strategic anchors that would best represent their organization moving forward.

The Results.

Clarity reduces organizational chaos and fosters empowerment. Now that our client is clear on their context and values, board members know how to successfully navigate the decisions that influence fundraising, sponsorship acquisition, event selection, and volunteer recruitment.