Bringing out the best in your team is the key to success.

Cultivating a culture of conversation in the workplace opens the door to genuine feedback, employee engagement, and greater accountability – effectively strengthening each person’s commitment to the organization’s collective goals.

The Need.

In 2022, the owner of a business in the service industry took a hard look at their significant staff turnover and realized communication within the team was deteriorating. They recognized a need for strategies and tools to improve communication throughout their organization.

The Solution.

We wanted to help our client’s employees create meaningful connections and take greater initiative in providing consistent quality service to their clients, so we developed a Conversations that Count workshop – giving them the tools they needed to create a culture of excellence.

The Results.

Our client successfully applied what he learned through the Conversations that Count workshop in all aspects of his life. He gave his staff a framework to work within and clear expectations of what excellence look like in their workplace, and then extended his new skills outside of the workplace, empowering the charitable organizations he volunteers with and improving communication within his own family – demonstrating further evidence that our solutions change the workplace which in turn impacts our entire community.