I was ready to quit.

Understanding the style, priorities, preferences, and values of various personalities in the workplace opens the door to a whole new world of enhanced engagement and increased productivity.

The Need.

In 2022, our client in the retail industry was experiencing conflict in their team, and workplace productivity took a hit. Our client recognized his team needed tools and resources that would help them make sense of their different personalities and expectations in the workplace.

The Solution.

We assessed the problem with Everything DiSC Workplace®, a comprehensive, easily customizable workplace development solution that engages every employee – regardless of title or position, department or function – in building more productive and effective relationships at work.

The Results.

A few months later, our client told us that Everything DiSC Workplace® allowed the team to explore the priorities that drive their behaviour, see what others might find challenging, and take steps to strengthen interpersonal interactions at all levels. 

One employee revealed to her manager, “I was ready to quit before we did the Everything DiSC Workplace® session. I always thought you didn’t like the work I was doing. Now I realize you’re very direct and to the point, which is very different from me.” 

Understanding personality types and communication styles can help retain staff, avoid turnover, build stronger relationships, and increase productivity.